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i_request's Journal

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Welcome to i_request. This community was founded on March 23, 2003. I got the idea for this community from artificialicons.

This community was created in order for people to make requests for: icons, banners, headers, and backgrounds. In the future, we might take requests for layouts. But for now layout requests are closed.

We have a team of graphic makers, including 3 regular maintainers who will take your requests and 3 occassional graphic makers who will take requests when they feel inclined to do so. You can see examples of their work by clicking on the links below.

folksong - examples

wicked - examples

stumphed - examples

(x) DO NOT STEAL ANY GRAPHICS AND/OR CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN. Our team works hard and puts a lot of effort into making icons for you. Please be respectful of our time and energy.

(x) CREDIT. If an graphic makers asks for credit, give it to them. Some people who make icons or other graphics don't require credit, but if they ask for it make sure you give it to them. They deserve it and it's not fair for it to go unrecognized.

(x) Keep it drama-free. I don't wany anyone going into hysterics or causing trouble. If you don't like the way we do things, don't join. We're doing something nice because we want to and we enjoy creating things. Please don't be rude.

(x) READ CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY. It saves us time and energy if you read carefully. That way we won't have to keep answering the same questions or waste time by trying to figure out exactly what you'd like us to do. Everything you need to know is either on this page, or in the memories.

(x) Only post with requests. Don't post anything unless you're specifically making a request. We need to keep things organized in order to run proficiently and best serve you. Spam doesn't help anyone.

(x) Enjoy. We're here to have fun and make things for people. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Love it. It's fun.

- Each member is allowed to request:

(x) 2 icons per week.
(x) 1 header every two weeks. You can request a matching icon with a header request and it will not count towards the two icon per week limit.
(x) 1 banner per week. Specify what kind of banner you want. (i.e. friends only, user info banner, etc.)
(x) 1 background every two weeks.

You may request 2 icons and a header, or 1 header, 1 background, and 1 banner, and various other mixes and matches. However, you can't exceed the limit specified for the type of graphic (meaning you can't request 3 icons or 2 headers at one time). Please adhere to the rules. If you have any questions about the rules and/or limitations, feel free to reply to this post. Make sure it's relevant. I don't want any questions like: "how do you get that effect?" or "can you give me ideas for graphics?" Those posts will be deleted. This isn't a help community, it's a graphic request community.

When you request a graphic please include the following information in your post:

(x) In the subject please include what type of graphic you want. (i.e. I'm requesting an icon or I'd like a header, etc.)
(x) If you have a specific graphic maker in mind include that in the post as well. You can ask for a specific person or you can leave it up to any of the graphic makers to fulfill your request.
(x) If you have any colors, text, font, animation, etc. in mind, make sure you mention it and are specific. It helps if you can provide an example (credit the maker of course), but it isn't necessary. Just make sure you explain what you want.
(x) If you have a specific screencap in mind, please give us a link.
(x) Any other information you think might help us to better please you.

Keep in mind that the resources for mini-movie icons are limited. If you request one, you should try to provide us with the materials and if you can't, then you should give us ample time to complete the request.